• Client: CTN/Unilever
  • Role: Filming, Editing, Production
  • Delivery: Live Presentation
  • Title: HHC Forum

A video for the HHC Forum, a Unilever conference for brand managers from across the world. This video was shot overtwo days andedited and delivered within two hours to be played out at the end of the event.

The HHC Forum is a gathering of Unilever’s global brand managers for a series of lectures and brain storming that helps inform the strategic focus for the wider business activities of the company.

The shoot had a number of objectives, first and foremost was to capture the speakers presentations and the following break out sessions. Also the client wished to grab a series of interviews with the conference attendees, to find out their thoughts on the event as a whole. The plan was to cut together these vox pops with footage of the speakers and play it out at the end of the two day event. The challenge for Antony was that footage had to be included that was shot on the second day. This meant that the video had to be cut and signed off by the client within the space of two hours. Which it was.

Although challenging, this extremely tight turn around was a fun addition to the project. The video above is an untouched copy that was played out on the day.