• Client: The Bodyguard the Musical/Dewynters
  • Role: Filming, Editing, Graphics, Production
  • Delivery: Online
  • Title: The Bodyguard - Gala Night

The official launch night of the West End smash hit ‘The Bodyguard’. This video captures the excitement and energy of the performance from both the public and assorted special guests rubbing shoulders on a cold night in December.

After the months of preparation and hard work, on December 5th 2012 the Gala opening night arrived. The show played to sell out crowd of the great and the good of London. In the mele before and after Antony was tasked with grabbing reactions from the famous faces in the crowd and also gauge the public reaction to the show.

It was an incredible event to film. The reactions were fantastic and the crowds lining the entrance to the Adelphi made the red carpet feel like a movie premiere. It was a challenge dealing with the variance in light and colour temperature, not to mention the tricky task of recording good sound but the video really captures the atmosphere and energy of the night.