• Client: Loserville/Dewynters
  • Role: Filming, Editing, Graphics, Production
  • Delivery: Online
  • Title: Loserville Photoshoot

Antony was asked to produce a promotional video that captures the youthful energy of the show and cast. However just as the video had received sign off, the decision was taken to end the shows run at the Garrick for a number of reasons.

Loserville is the brainchild of ex Busted and Son of Dork member James Bourne. The story is set in the 70′s and features the music on Son of Dork telling the story of a pair of unlikely heroes who change the world.

It opened in Leeds and grew in popularity, then it made the move south to the West Ends Garrick Theatre just off Trafalgar square.

Antony was asked to film a series of quick interviews with the cast during a photo shoot in October 2012. The shoot lasted only a few hours and Antony had to work around the photographer and his team in order to get the interviews and shots to produce the video.