• Client: Thom Lyons
  • Role: Filming, Editing, Production
  • Delivery: Online
  • Title: Home

This music video was shot in the summer of 2012 around locations in central London. The video was used to publicise the launch of Thom Lyons solo album.

Thom Lyons, a US based singer-songwriter living in Portland Oregon, grew up in London and is a well known face on the acoustic music scene.
During a recent UK trip I was asked to devise and shoot a music video to help launch his solo album. The song chosen, ‘Home’, tells the story of Thom’s first few months living abroad, having moved to the US to begin a new life with his American wife.
The video is part performance, part concept; the latter featuring Thom strolling around various central London locations with a glowing box. Complimenting the lyrics and themes of leaving behind memories and the familiar surroundings of London, it represents the part of Thom that was left behind when he moved across the pond. The prop also served as a source of light for night scenes, offering a pleasing duality of practical and stylistic purpose.