• Client: Global Poverty Project | Co-Op
  • Role: Filming, Editing, Production
  • Delivery: Online
  • Title: Global Poverty Ambassadors

The Global Poverty Ambassador program is an initiative with the aim of training a group to be leading voices in their own communities on extreme poverty. The program was launched at the London School of Economics at an event that featured Bill Gates, Hans Rosling and numerous other leading voices from NGO’s and development organisations.

Working in conjunction with both the Global Poverty Project and the Co-Op, this shoot involved filming the Co-operatives United event at the Manchester GMEX.

The project had two objectives; to film the presentation, delivered by Harry Potter actress Bonnie Wright, and to capture a series of soundbites from the Global Poverty Ambassadors. The soundbites were interspersed into a promotional video designed to inspire others to become Ambassadors and to enable existing Ambassadors to secure new presentation bookings and promote them in their regions.