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Welcome to Antony Harvey’s online home. Antony is an expert in message and story driven video creation. He has built up an intricate understanding of video production formed over years of broadcast TV and freelance video production. Antony has produced, shot, and edited the full spectrum of video content – delivering on deadline everything from presentations, conferences and events, to broadcast TV content, short films and full length documentary projects. Antony handles all aspects of the production process, enabling a unique continuity to the creation of your vision, ensuring that the message is carried through from pre-production to final output.


Hundreds of Hours of Broadcast TV credits Antony has worked on both longform and shortform programing for broadcast TV channels on Sky. He has produced location shoots across the UK, Europe, USA and Australia on both commercial and story driven content. He possesses the stoic attitude to handle the unpredictable nature of location shoots, but also the creativity and experience to ensure that the message is carried through both in terms of content and visuals.


Single Camera, Multi Camera, Outside Broadcast and Studio Working in controlled and location settings Antony is vastly experienced in shooting in all weathers and with practically every set up imaginable. Using Panasonic’s highly adaptable Af101 he has traveled from building sites in Leeds to cruise ships in Amsterdam. He has worked with numerous cameras including Canon 5D/7D, Sony Z1/EX1/EX3, Panasonic GH2/GH3 to name but a few and tailors the equipment to the challenges of the location and job.


Full Post Production service Once the footage is in the can, the most important stage begins – Post Production. Antony has honed his skills over years of editing, he goes far beyond just cutting together shots and establish a rhythm and flow for each piece then combines this with selections from an extensive library of royalty free music. From producing music videos to authoring unique multi-branched DVD architectures, Antony regards Post as the most important stage of any project and strives for perfection on every project.